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Castle Hills Primary Academy

Castle Hills Primary Academy

CHP Academy Policies

At Castle Hills Primary Academy we are committed to the inclusion of all learners. To achieve this we understand it is important to know about the social, physical and emotional well-being of every child and any circumstances related to this.

We set suitable learning challenges and support your child in their personal development ensuring they are aware of the next steps in their learning and involved in the review of their targets when appropriate.  We also recognise and respond to the needs of your child and hope you can approach any member of staff to discuss these.

Ultimately we wish to overcome any potential barriers to your child’s learning and work with you to enable them to achieve their potential.

 Copies of our academy Policies can be requested free of charge by contacting the school on:

01302 780246 or email: 


The Prime Minister announced recently that there will be an early review of the statutory Relationships, Sex and Health education (RSHE) guidance, provided to schools across the UK.  This is in response to some parental concerns that have been raised across the country in the last few months about the suitability of materials that have been used in some other schools.  

As a Trust, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure you, as parents and carers, that we take this responsibility seriously, and we ensure that we teach this subject cautiously, sensitively and in an age-appropriate manner. We have already shared the RSHE policy with you for consultation earlier in the year and, in order to reassure you further, we have an open-door policy and a transparent approach to sharing our curriculum with you. The policy for RSHE is available for you to read on our website in the section titled CHP Academy Policies. As we use a published scheme of resources, we cannot, unfortunately, share all resources online due to copyright, but if you wish to look at any of them, we will be happy to show you in person.  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the academy office.