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Castle Hills Primary Academy

Castle Hills Primary Academy

Aspire (Personal Development)


 Curriculum Intent

Develop understanding of the Fundamental British Values and create an inclusive environment that meets the needs of all pupils.

To develop responsible and respectful pupils, who are able to play their part within our school trust and the wider community.


 To develop the readiness for pupils’ next phase of education, so they are equipped to transition effectively.

To develop pupils’ understanding of healthy minds and bodies and how we can keep them safe in the real world and the virtual world.


Develop, nurture and stretch pupils’ talents both within and beyond the academic curriculum.



Curriculum Implementation

School Council

At Castle Hills our School Council comprises of 16 children from Years 2-6, who work together to make our community a place for young children to grow and thrive. Children have regular meetings throughout the year and are involved in a range of activities:

  • Fundraising for school
  • Working with the community
  • Litter picking in the community
  • Helping the environment by planting in the community
  • Working with the residents of Amersall Court



Community Links

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for children to make links with our local community.

  • Litter picking in the local community
  • Joining local Traffic Officers to conduct speed camera checks
  • Frequent visits to the community centre to work with residents from Amersall Court


Our Assemblies

  • Fundamental British Values/FBV rap
  • No Outsiders/PSHCE/Picture News
  • Safeguarding
  • Singing – Young Voices
  • Celebration – virtues


(see PSHE & RSE Curriculum Intent below)

It is our intent at Castle Hills Primary School to provide our children with a high-quality education in PSHCE and RSE, which aims to give children the awareness, ability and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives. PSHCE teaching is an integral part of our school curriculum, especially as mental health is poignant nationally, locally and in our school community.

The Jigsaw programme teaches children and young people emotional literacy, social and lifelong skills, RSE/RSHE and resilience in an age-appropriate manner.


No Outsiders

At Castle Hills we support the Equality Act and protected characteristics through our No Outsiders work.

  • Weekly assemblies
  • Half-termly focuses linked to Jigsaw
  • Links to No Outsiders in the curriculum



Extra-curricular activities  (use link below to see our offers)

Extra Curricular Activities



Sporting Opportunities and Events

At Castle Hills we are proud of our sports achievements, and we are fortunate enough to participate in a variety of sports competitions across the year. Some of these include:

  • Football
  • Dance
  • Rounders
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Dodgeball


                  Forest School 

Over the course of the year, our Forest School provision is accessible by all pupils through whole class sessions, targeted interventions, 1–1 sessions and after-school clubs. Our Forest School ethos helps develop children’s teambuilding, self-esteem, confidence, resilience and communication skills which are transferable into our wider school life. During a typical session at Forest School, pupils will engage in:

  • Bush craft skills
  • Fire making
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Team building games
  • Den building
  • Story telling round the fire.
  • Learning life skills.



Celebrations, Events and Remembrance at Castle Hills

Throughout the year, we have planned a programme of events to join in celebrating and/or remembrance as part of our curriculum. These complement and enhance the celebration and remembrance already evident in our curriculum. These are implemented in creative and engaging ways. For example, Black History Month is implemented through our No Outsiders and PSHCE assemblies, work within lessons and reading linked to the lessons.  



         Mental Health First Aiders

Across school, the majority of staff are trained Mental Health First Aiders. These members of staff are able to provide expert advice to support those pupils/staff that require it, as well as being able to support staff in identifying pupils that may require support.


Medical Students


Over the course of Autumn 2, we welcomed the medical students into Castle Hills to deliver the Medic in a Box programme. This covers everything from first aid, human biology and how the NHS works. They deliver interactive, practical sessions that have been adapted for all of the year groups and the children work through six sessions that give them knowledge of medicine and healthcare.

Castle Hills Transition

We are proud of the transition offer at Castle Hills that we provide children for their next phase of education. We work closely with secondary schools in our locality to help equip children with the best support and skills needed for an effective transition. At Castle Hills children develop independence and life skills throughout our Personal Development curriculum so that they are successful moving on through their learning journey.

Healthy Learning Healthy Lives

At Castle Hills we promote healthy lives by reinforcing active travel through our Active Travel Award. This encourages children and parents to travel to school in a variety of healthy ways. Across the year, we host a few Active Travel breakfasts, where staff, parents and children come together to enjoy a healthy breakfast after an active journey to school.

In KS1 children learn scooter skills and how to ride scooters safely, which promotes active travel in a safe way. In KS2, children take part in bike ability, which teaches them to be safe on the roads, how to wear equipment safely and ensure that, as well as being healthy, children are safe whilst travelling.


Careers Opportunities

At Castle Hills we implement careers learning into our curriculum, as we aim to broaden children’s horizons about the world of work and the opportunities available to them. We have liaised with Primary Futures to organise events with volunteers and look forward to our Careers Week in the summer term, with a variety of volunteers and assemblies sharing their careers and experiences.



Castle Hills Committee

At Castle Hills we have a designated planning committee that organise events to engage the community. These events are for all parents and children and have included:

  • Jubilee celebrations
  • Summer Fairs
  • Christmas Fairs
  • Talent show
  • Fundraising



At Castle Hills our Equity and Diversity champion has completed the LGBTQ Award, which has consisted of providing evidence that as a school we are inclusive across our curriculum, school environment and governance. LGBTQ+ people are visible and included within appropriate lessons and subjects, such as: history, reading, PSHCE and assemblies. The lives of LGBTQ+ people are studied across the curriculum.